Engaging While Changing: How to Improve Engagement During Organizational Change

  • Wednesday, October 23, 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online


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Research shows the average enterprise undergo at least 3 "major" transformations a year. People analytics has been offered up as a tool to move practitioners in the direction support those changes but, taken alone, it too has fallen short. Organizational change and transformations represent the best approach. All workplace transformations are linked to a business case and are intended to produce value. Learning practitioners’ role as organizational change agents, reduce the inherent downsides. When learning practitioners foster the skills to drive business transformation, they will earn a seat at the table.

In this session, we will explore how organizational change and transformations serve as the bridge that connects strategic learning to the most pressing and meaningful work that needs to be done in the enterprise. By building and fostering organizational change skills, learning practitioners can position themselves as organizational architects. In this session, the speaker will cover the following topics to boost skills:

1.    Understand the latest research on effective organizational change management practices learning professionals can leverage when supporting business transformations.

2.    Explore the 2IsC™ (Impact, Influence, and Consistency) Model of change commitment showing how to drive highly engaged commitment to change.

3.    Walk-through several case studies of real-world change projects with value-added contributions learning professionals can position in their own workplace.

4.    Discover ways to increase employee engagement even during periods of turbulent organizational change.

Robert E. Smith, PhD is the founder of The Change Shop (TCS), where he provides tools to change leaders to help them create future workplaces. The TCS platform and benchmarks are based on his dissertation research into factors most associated with highly engaged commitment to change and workplace transformations. With a career spanning human capital technology, talent management, and change leadership, Robert has led large-scale change initiatives at dozens of global and public sector organizations including PepsiCo, Polo Ralph Lauren, and AT&T.

As a career-long HR, Talent, and Learning Strategy professional, author, and organizational change expert, Robert is sought after for his ideas on ways to increase engagement during difficult organizational transformations. Smith is the author of Selling Change: How Successful Leaders Use Impact, Influence, and Consistency to Transform Their Organizations.

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