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ATD Maryland is under the direction of a volunteer group of leaders from the membership of ATD Maryland.  Through their guidance, the organization serves the educational and professional development needs of its members. 

2021 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the on-going activities of the Chapter. The role of the Board of Directors is to guide the activities, services, and business of the chapter. They are responsible for establishing and implementing annual goals based on the Chapter's Strategic Plan and meet monthly to respond to member needs and to fulfill the vision of ATD Maryland.  Members may request a copy of our Chapter Bylaws, annual operating budget, strategic plan and/or board meeting minutes.  Please submit your request to    

Each year members elect a President-Elect.  Every other year members elect a Finance and Communications Director. All other Directors are appointed by the President/President-Elect.

The 2021 Board of Directors is listed below.  Click on any name to contact via Linkedin.


Chapter Champions

We are so thankful our ATD Maryland Chapter Champions. A Chapter Champion is a ATD Power Member that does not serve in an official board capacity but helps to support the chapter and our community initiatives.

Richard Blackman (MBA University of Maryland), an ATD Md. Power Member, and supports our new member campaigns, ATD Maryland "Unofficial" Facebook Group, has been involved with ATD/ASTD for over 10 years. It was a session by Master Trainer, Bob Pike that got him hooked on the organization. He retired almost 3 years ago from his job at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where for 20+ years, the team which he led, managed the EPA budget. During that time, he trained over 3,000 federal employees in a multi-media program on federal budgeting. He is also conducted training on Presentation Skills, Interview Skills, Keys to Success, Resume Writing, Career Development and other topics and continues to do that on a volunteer basis. He now conducts training courses on federal budgeting for the Graduate School USA. He also participates with the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith Business School’s Executive Communication team and career development team to help students prepare for their next careers.  He is a member of the Smith Business School’s alumni Board.

Philippe Bernadel, an ATD Power Member, is an education & development specialist focused on bridging the gaps in communication for people leaders. His passion is helping to solve inequity within sales & non-profit organizations by promoting diversity of thought and implementing diverse learning methodologies. Originally from the Golden State of California, he loves Bikram yoga, continuous learning, and have recently started collecting an assortment of house plants to nurture and grow.

Diana Decatur has been working in Talent Development for 12 years. She began her career as a sales trainer and progressed into an instructional design role where she both built and delivered content. She developed a passion for seeing people progress in their careers and wanted to help coach, guide and mentor others. Diana earned her M.S. in Leadership degree which helped her build skills to better manage and motivate others. After earning her masters degree she went on to earn a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design to help formalize her experience and to learn best practices. Throughout her career Diana has been passionate about people and helping them grow. She has taken on roles where has been able to combine Learning and Development with Talent Management creating competencies, facilitating career and succession planning, and identifying high potentials. By helping others grow she has been able to develop her own skills to become a better leader and partner to those she works with everyday. Diana is currently studying for her APTD certification which she hopes to achieve this summer. She enjoys running and hosts her own podcast with her husband and friends.



ATD Maryland Chapter programs have been pre-approved by the ATD Certification Institute for continuing education credits towards professional development hours for recertification of the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) credentials. 

Please see our Events page for Maryland ATD events that qualify for APTD and CPTD recertification credits. 

And check out our new Certification Community of Practice!

Our chapter is proud to announce that once again, we are 100% CARE compliant.  This means that we have met all the chapter operating requirements set forth by ATD National.  These requirements cover areas such as chapter administration, finances, membership, professional development and communications.

Members may request a copy of our CARE/CORE submissions by emailing:

Chapter Recognition

  • 2021 ALC Presenter
  • 2020 CARE-Chapter Affiliation Requirements
  • 2019 December Chapter of the Month
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  • 2018 Member Super Star
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  • 2017 Share our Success (SOS) Recognition
  • 2017 Membership Super Star
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  • 2012 Share our Success (SOS) Recognition
  • 2009 Membership Super Star
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