Performance Management - Current Trends and Future Directions

  • Thursday, April 25, 2019
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Webinar with our partner, Academy of Human Resource Development - Leadership Development Special Interest Group

There is a rich practitioner and scholarly history concerning the topic of performance management.  Despite this rich history, debates remain concerning the usefulness of performance management and whether performance management is merely a new word for the longstanding practice of performance appraisal.  In fact, some scholars and practitioners are even calling for an end to performance management practices. 
In this webinar, we discuss the current debate concerning performance management and performance appraisal.  We will also overview our recent research related to a review of the performance management literature (Brown, O’Kane, Mazumdar & McCracken, 2019).  This review of the literature included over 230 articles, from more than 40 journals, over an 11 year timeframe.  We overview the trends and findings of our review and conclude with a discussion of current gaps for future investigation.
Brown, T. C., O’Kane, P., Mazumdar, B., & McCracken, M. (2019). Performance Management: A Scoping Review of the Literature and an Agenda for Future Research. Human Resource Development Review, 18(1), 47– 82.

Speaker Bios:
Travor C. Brown is is a Professor of Labour Relations and Human Resources with Memorial University. He has taught at Memorial University, the University of Toronto and University of Ulster. Since joining Memorial University, he has also served as the Associate Dean (Research) and the Director of the Master of Employment Relations program. Much of his research examines issues concerning goal setting and training effectiveness, with special focus on performance management and leadership development.  He is currently Associate Editor with Human Resource Development Quarterly.

Paula O’Kane is a senior lecturer in Human Resource Management at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Her research interests sit within the areas of social media in HRM and strategic HRM. She has published articles in Human Resource Management Journal, Personnel Review and Human Resource Development International among others.

Bishakha Mazumdar is Assistant Professor at Shannon School of Business in Cape Breton University. Her primary area of research is re-employment of retirees after retirement (popularly known as bridge employment), performance management and experiential learning. She completed her PhD from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Martin McCracken is the Research Director at Ulster University Buiness School, UK. His research is focused mainly upon understanding the factors that influence “effective transfer of HRD interventions”, “public and voluntary sector change”, as well as “Human Resource Management Business Partnering”. Since 2010 he has acted as the Editor in Chief of Education and Training (now in its 61styear of publication). Martin has published his work in a number of journals including Work, Employment and Society,Human Resource Management Journal, The International Journal of Human Resource Management and The Journal of Rural Studies. 

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