How to Turbo-Charge Your Brand & Business with an Eye-Popping LinkedIn Profile - LinkedIn Workshop with Ron Berk

  • Thursday, June 11, 2015
  • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • UMBC Technology Center 1450 South Rolling Road ● 3rd Floor, Cafeteria ● Halethorpe, MD 21227 ●


  • Special rate for an enrolled full time student.

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Please join us for our June event!

LinkedIn is the #1 professional network with more than 350 million members (compared to Facebook’s 1.4 billion), including 3 million active company profiles, spread over 200 countries. Two new people join every second. The members’ average income is $109,000. It yields four times better B2B results than Facebook and Twitter.

So why join and use LinkedIn? If you own your own business or are an employee in someone else’s, LinkedIn can (1) increase traffic to your website and blog, (2) generate leads and new clients, (3) improve your credibility and visibility, (4) help you to be found by the people who want your products and services, (5) help you find a job, and (6) help you find anyone you need to promote your business. HR directors and recruiters are also sleuthing around LinkedIn daily, with about 95% of companies using LinkedIn for recruitment.

This session will hop through the major sections of LinkedIn’s profile design with the intent of optimizing your search engine rank. Based on my “LinkedIn Trilogy” of 3 journal articles published 2 years ago (download on my profile), I will bring each section to life with my top-secret CPR techniques  and cover all the requirements for a 100% complete profile. You can make changes in your profile with me during the presentation or later, but your profile will never be the same when we are done. This is a session you can’t afford to miss unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg.

About Our Speaker

Ron Berk

Ron Berk, PhD, is Professor Emeritus, Biostatistics and Measurement, and former Assistant Dean for Teaching at The Johns Hopkins University. He served 30 years of a life term at JHU before leaving 8.8077 years ago to pursue speaking and writing full-time. Since then, he has been in the Federal Witness Protection Program living in Maryland under the name Puffy Snoop M & M. He has mentored numerous faculty and hundreds of students, all of whom unfortunately are still in prison or on probation with an ankle bracelet. 

Ron is a fellow in the Oxford Society of Scholars and has received several teaching awards. As an international professional speaker, he has presented more than 400 keynotes and workshops on humor in the workplace, multimedia teaching, characteristics of the Net Generation, break-the-mold PowerPoints, and, most recently, LinkedIn profiles for SEO at institutions and conferences in 40 states, 15 countries, and 3 planets. The countries ranged from Taiwan to Czech Republic to Serbia to United Arab Emirates. He destroyed scores of trees and shrubbery by publishing 14 books, 165 journal articles, and nearly 300 blogs. All of this work reflects his life-long commitment to mediocrity and his professional motto: “Go for the Bronze!” For details, see,, or



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