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President's Message

Dear ATD Maryland Member, 

This week, we celebrate and recognize some of our presidents of the United States. So, I wanted to seize the moment to send you some words.  I can promise that it won’t be long and full of political speak.  I’ll save that for when I make my actual run for the US Presidency.  I’m kidding.  I have no interest in that landscape.    

But, the current landscape of our country now is interesting to say the least. I’ve been around for just a bit over 4 decades now and I don’t ever remember a more charge political conversation than we now see every day. It can be tiring and when people are tired, they tend to do less. I know when I’m tired, I just want to sleep. But I just want to encourage you to stay focused. 

In the learning, training and talent development industries, our real job is people. We are the ones who help people to recognize their personal importance and how to continue growing themselves. Now is the time where instead of simply living day to day in comfortable routines, we should seek to engage each other in conversation about how we can grow together and become better.  We are the leaders in this.  Your participation in ATD Maryland confirms your search for bigger and better.  I applaud you. 

I want to thank those who came out to our kickoff event in January. It was a phenomenal evening and we want to continue that momentum of growth and engagement this year.   

What would help you become a better you this year and how can ATD help? We want to hear your ideas constantly, not just at our events.  So, I encourage you to hop on our Facebook Page, our LinkedIn group, our Twitter feed to share your ideas and thoughts.   

Join us at the Coffee & Conversations events to share your best practices, your questions and your innovative ideas. Let’s continue to learn and grow together. This is our charge! 

Together, let’s make this year your most PHENOMENAL one yet! 


Robert Kennedy III 

2017 President 

ATD Maryland 

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