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What is CPLP™?

The Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLPä) offered by the ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI) offers workplace learning and performance (WLP) professionals an opportunity to enhance credibility and prove value in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The credential has two exams; the first is a knowledge-based exam and the second, is the submission of a work product reviewed by a panel of experts in the field. Individuals who pass both earn the right to use the CPLPä designation on their business cards and resumes. This signifies that these individuals have met rigorous requirements and are certified through ATD CI, affiliated with ATD, a leader in the learning and performance industry for over 60 years.

The Benefits of CPLP™

Becoming CPLP™ certified enhances your reputation by recognizing that you have met the knowledge and performance standards for the learning and performance profession. Credentials such as these can benefit individuals by providing a roadmap for professional development, enhancing earning potential and broadening career opportunities.   Fortune 500 companies already prefer CPLP™ candidates when hiring.

How does ATD Maryland support the CPLP program? 

ATD Maryland has several ATD Learning Systems available for use by their members for a nominal rental fee.  Also, once you have become CPLP certified, you can earn recertification credits by attending chapter programs/events, serving as a chapter leader or leading a study group. 


Also, we are exploring the possibility of hosting a CPLP discussion forum for those chapter members currently working on their CPLP so they can ask questions of our members who are currently CPLP certified AND also looking at starting a CPLP later on this year.


If you are interested in learning more about the ATD Maryland CPLP discussion forum and study group, contact us at:


Virtual CPLP Study Group is Forming 

The Metro DC Chapter of ATD is organizing a virtual CPLP study group and Maryland Chapter members are invited to participate! The group will interact via 8 webinars that last approximately one hour each. Study group members will be given a workbook to enhance and support the CPLP learning experience as you prepare for the upcoming test windows (see test dates here).  If you would like to join a study group, please contact Foster Rockwell via The dates of the study group and the number of study groups to be formed will be determined based on feedback and interest. We expect the first study group to begin early- to mid-summer. Study group participants are highly encouraged to purchase the ATD Learning System to use throughout the duration of the study group and for self-study as you prepare for the exam. Our Chapters cannot provide these materials to you.  Send your request in soon! 

Where do I go to learn more about the CPLP?

to learn more about the CPLP™, including upcoming testing dates and fees. Contact with any questions.

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